Literary Itineraries: Travel experiences inspired by your favorite books.

Have you ever read a book that took place in such a beautiful setting that you thought: I want to go there immediately.

The best stories are those that whisk us away to another time and place. It’s part of the joy of reading. To explore a part of the world we haven’t seen.

But you don’t have to relegate your dreams of travel to the pages of a book. You can get out and experience the world you’ve read about. And I’m here to help.

As an author of six novels and an ASTA Verified Travel Advisor, there’s nothing I love more than exploring new settings – both on the page and in real life. Here at the Literary Itineraries blog, I’ll be posting practical travel tips to make the journeys from your books into a reality. From recommended accommodations to day-to-day schedules, this blog will hopefully inform and inspire you to be more than an armchair traveler.

Have you read a book that’s given you a serious case of wanderlust? If so, send me a note and we can set up a time to chat. I’ll help you plan a literary itinerary that’s customized specifically for you.

Happy travels, both on the page and in the world!